I prepare leaders to win and own the toughest of crowds at significant public speaking events.

If you’re a leader, you may already know how vital it is to have a discreet wingman (or woman, in this case) who understands your strengths and weaknesses, who prepares you – top to bottom and inside-out – for major milestones. To own a room, to truly kill an audience, is a tough solo act, but I'll be there to support you the whole way.

Ways We Can Work Together:

Training for You

1-on-1 Coaching

Individual one-on-one coaching designed to provide a VIP experience with the most support - maximizing your performance.

  • 6 x 1-hour coaching sessions
  • Drafting support for presentations, meetings and speeches
  • Prepare your video calls for impact - from backgrounds to camera angles
  • Style/wardrobe coaching
  • On-Site/Day-Of coaching for events
  • 24/7 Text and/or phone access

Small Group

With up to a maximum of three (3) attendees at a time, and conducted virtually, this small group workshop will give you the basics of presenting. Weekly topics include:

  • Learn the simple formula to deliver clean, clear presentations
  • Figuring out what you want to say and why.
  • The importance of priming your brain to present, not just using your presentation deck.
  • Owning the room - from posture to passion!

Training for Your Team

Become the most influential speaker in your company - and beyond. Learn how to deliver simple, clear presentations that impresses your audience. Engage your audience via:

  • Messaging
  • Structure
  • Design, and
  • Delivery

Discover the foundation elements of delivering information to improve your presentations and make them more memorable. Learn how to connect with your target audience in a meaningful way by sharing your authentic self:

  • Learn the elements of an effective story
  • Find personal stories with strong messages
  • Link your stories to your message
  • Practice delivering your stories to engage your audience

Gracefully navigating conversations when emotions run high, such as negotiations or question & answer periods, can be easier. Using an easy-to-follow model, participants will practice being in the "hot seat" to find their confidence.

  • Acknowledging the importance of comments or questions
  • Investigate the reasons behind the question or objection
  • Discovering answers and when to provide them
  • Successfully close conversations and negotiations

From values to triggers, your team will develop their emotional intelligence skills in a safe, open forum so they can be in better service of each other and the company. Bring your team together by:

  • Focusing on emotional intelligence, both wonderful and challenging
  • Sharing and receiving feedback
  • Learning when and how to ask for help
  • Building teamship through observation and shared mindset
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