Own Any Stage, Any Time

Whether you're presenting to your team via Zoom or live (on stage) at the annual conference, YOU could be the most influential speaker at your company … and beyond!

This 4-week workshop will prepare you to make the change from sitting in the audience to being in the spotlight.


And now, 2022’s Keynote Speaker…

That’s right – YOU could be the most influential speaker at your company … and beyond

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Own the Stage helps you develop a command presence for any occasion.

Over four calls, you will learn:

  • Different elements of presenting
  • A 5 min presentation with feedback from me, and your peers
  • Next steps to prepare for the next week
  • Identify your audience more clearly
  • How to connect with them in a meaningful and memorable way
  • Create collaboration opportunities, both personal and business related

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Working with Melina was a delight. I love how she genuinely listens to your ideas and comes with just the right words and ways to present them. Melina knows exactly where and how to help her clients. She actually takes the time to understand their strength and weaknesses and works with what she has to achieve great results. Thank you Melina you have taught me skills and lessons that have helped me better my communication and presentation skills.
Kinza Jabeen, Manager (Major Incident), OMERS

This introduction to presentation shows you how to:

Structure a presentation
The simple formula to delivering clean and clear presentations
Create Clear Messaging
Figuring out what you want to say and why
Always Be
The importance of priming your brain to present, not just your deck
Have Mic Drop Delivery
Owning the room-from posture to passion!
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Note sure if you’re ready to own your stage?
All it takes is 15-minutes.
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