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Helping executives, emerging leaders, and entrepreneurs win and own the toughest of crowds at significant public speaking events, keynotes, internal & external presentations, shareholder meetings, commencement speeches, award shows and more.

Master Every Area of Your Presentations

While most coaches tend to work from a static set of programs, I take the time to learn each of my clients’ personal traits, building off them, customizing my service to effect positive changes in defined areas of need.
speech / script polishing, editing and practice
For all types of public speaking, including shareholder meetings, IPOs, keynotes, internal conferences, industry summits, university commencement speeches, etc.
Maximizing voice & poise
I work with clients to overcome shyness, fear, detrimental habits of speech (so, uh, um, like, you know, etc.), vocal & body tics and poor posture.
mastery of language
Including elocution (the skill of clear and expressive speech, distinct pronunciation, articulation and personal speaking style), tone, volume, use of dramatic pauses, humour and humility
handling questions like a boss
Clients learn to put themselves in the place of the asker, to use their own curiosity to understand the intent of others. We work to overcome unhelpful response habits to tough questions, such as defensiveness and deflection, to win audience trust and respect.
english & French as a second language
I work with clients from all over the world to help transform what they perceive as weaknesses into strengths in their use of English or French.
dress for the part
I counsel on optimizing the wardrobe effect, helping you select the killer combo of shirt, tie, suit or dress – even the hair and makeup.

Driven By Success

Melina has 20 years of proven results training executives from Fortune 500 companies, startups, government institutions, foundations and charities. For multiple presenter events, Melina works with entire teams of senior executives to coach on general presentation skills and polish, and to establish coherence of message and tonality across all presenters. Melina also travels with directors, CEOs and presidents for on-site coaching and preparation at major presentations, IPO roadshows and so on.

A Full Range of Expertise

After graduating with honours in Production Management from York University in Toronto, Melina worked as a producer. She went on to study at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre in New York City, where she learned the Meisner technique of acting, which focuses on an authentic, direct and truthful approach. Returning to Toronto in ’99, Melina began coaching, becoming certified in Adult Education from George Brown in Toronto and completing over 60 hours of training under the Coaches Training Institute program. She has continued her education through subsequent years, pursuing regular training in various coaching disciplines. More recently Melina has focused on executive presentation coaching, enabling her to incorporate her full range of expertise in theatre production, wardrobe and makeup to provide a more consummate offering.

Success Stories

Melina is a leader and influencer in her space.  She has been my communications coach since 2015 and has helped me develop my authentic voice. Melina is positive, bright, a quick study but most importantly she is dedicated to my success. She has taught me the formula for great presentations, and how to prepare effectively to maximize the message. She has been there for me when things don’t go as planned, celebrates with me when they do, and always ensures I learn from every situation so that I keep getting better. Bottom line: when Melina is on your team, she is a change maker. Working with her has been one of the best decisions of my career.
Veronica Maggisano | Director, Development
Oxford Properties Group
Melina’s wit, humour and professionalism prepared me and my co-Master of Ceremonies to host a large dinner gala. What could have been a lackluster evening with speakers, presentations and a pre-written script, turned into an entertaining and informative evening that left attendees laughing, informed and participating.  
Melina’s coaching and direction included how to keep the evening moving along, introducing VIPs and speakers with respect and humour all while ensuring the audience were engaged. I am now a better public speaker and host.
Chair | Hospitality Management
Centennial College
We retained Melina to help us prepare for our annual conference and she is now an integral part of our organization.  She goes above and beyond to prepare our leaders to effectively deliver their message with the confidence and conviction you see in TED talks.
Jeff Hyslop | SVP Asset Management
InnVest Hotels
Melina has really helped to develop my presentation skills, beyond what I thought I was capable of. I remember my goals were to engage the audience more, use stories, analogies and humour however I felt this was a distant and probably unachievable goal. Melina provided very helpful coaching and enabled me to accomplish everything I had set out to. I know I could not have done it without Melina’s coaching!
Lawrence Donoghue | Director, Business Lending Policy & Governance Team BMO Harris Bank N.A.
The coaching that I received from Melina Nacos truly made an impact on my ability to effectively impact an audience in a presentation. She was unafraid to challenge me to move from “good” to “exceptional”. While she recognized the strengths I possessed in public speaking, she found a way to open my eyes to specific ways that I could WOW a crowd; (effective humor, tone and pace, organized delivery and impactful close). She wouldn’t relent until I nailed the delivery. Melina is an outstanding coach for anyone looking for someone to teach them and press them to get the most out of their ability.
When listening to my colleagues present, I could feel the “Melina factor” in each of our presentations! We all had some drama and it finished on a great note! Your advice, punchlines and ideas have had a great impact on my confidence.
Melina is the most encouraging, honest and friendly coach you could ever meet. I would recommend her to anyone because she listens, she is honest and she is direct in her feedback.
Melina was collaborative, engaging, and her coaching was powerful and truly brought my work to the next level.  The coaching process was intense, and highly effective.  It gave me great skills and insights that will outlive this one presentation and benefit me for all future presentations. I learned a new mindset.
Merci beaucoup pour ton aide la semaine dernière. J’ai fait ma présentation ce soir et j’ai reçu beaucoup de feedback positif.
Working with Melina was an incredible experience. I had done limited public speaking prior to this event and our preparation together resulted in a phenomenal outcome. Melina guided me through the art of storytelling by offering invaluable feedback on my script and helping me find confidence in the delivery of my speech. She taught me how to drive impact through voice work, physical presence and visualization all to be in service of my audience. I received many accolades following my speech, all possible because of her highly effective coaching techniques. Looking forward to applying these new skills in public speaking engagements to come. Thank you, Melina!

Lisa Conway, Director (Growth Equity), OMERS
Its been a wonderful experience working with Melina. She is extremely dedicated to one’s success, and makes the entire process feel seemingly easy and exciting. Her feedback is thorough and very insightful.  She was able to take me out of my comfort zone while always remaining respectful of my limits. I look forward to working with Melina again in a near future.

Laurence Duhamel, Director, Oxford Properties
  Working with Melina was a delight. I love how she genuinely listens to your ideas and comes with just the right words and ways to present them. Melina knows exactly where and how to help her clients. She actually takes the time to understand their strength and weaknesses and works with what she has to achieve great results. Thank you Melina you have taught me skills and lessons that have helped me better my communication and presentation skills.

Kinza Jabeen, Manager (Major Incident), OMERS
Melina is a terrific coach, that finds a way to bring out the best out of presenters with different level of presentation experience, background, seniority. It was incredible to see her coach seven of us ahead of a TedX Event and how much better we all got. She is incredibly thoughtful, engaging, and is great in finding a balance between pushing you to get better, and building you up ahead of an event.

Anton Blagov, Vice President (Strategy & Asset Liability Mgmt), OMERS
As an introvert, someone who likes to have complete autonomy over my writing, and someone who had never-before presented in front of a large group (and only presented once before, at a small meeting), I was both excited and apprehensive about the prospect of collaborating with Melina.  I found her to be easy to talk to, keenly insightful, intuitive, direct, caring, and genuine in her support of me.  Her ideas and suggestions greatly enhanced the structure, content, and flow of my presentation, allowing my voice to come through with even greater impact.  Working with her was invaluable and I am filled with gratitude.

Candace Dukhan, OMERS

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